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3D areola tattoos following a mastectomy

Currently, there are more than 6 million breast cancer survivors worldwide with more than 3.8 million living in the United States.  Breast cancer affects approximately 13% of women, so chances are you or someone you know has faced this challenging battle.

Breast cancer can have serious physical and psychological impacts.  Affected individuals can be left struggling with identity loss and an incomplete feeling following a mastectomy which has left visible scars.  Cancer warrior advocates and cosmetic experts report many individuals experience low body esteem, depression, stress and anxiety.  Some have not allowed their husbands to see them nude for years, refuse to change in public locker rooms or avoid looking at themselves in the mirror.

3D-areola nipple tattoos, which are growing in popularity, can provide a solution for some of the physical and mental trauma suffered by breast cancer warriors.  Following the procedure, individuals report experiencing more self-confidence and happiness embracing their new feelings of femininity and completeness.  3D-nipple tattoos are an attractive alternative to surgical nipple reconstruction, especially for those who are surgery and hospital weary.  The process involves less risk compared to surgical nipple reconstruction as it is less invasive and requires no downtime, although there maybe a few short-term restrictions.  These tattoos enhance the reconstructed breast appearance and can help cover some of the mastectomy scars using paramedical cosmetic tattooing to create a 3D, hyper-realistic areola and nipple. 

Typically, 4-6 months following surgery, the 2-3 hour process can begin.  The initial step is to find a qualified artist you are comfortable with. Click here to see artists near you.  At the initial consult, usually a medical history is taken followed by discussion about color, size and placement.  The practitioner may draw impermanently on the area to provide a preview or idea of the outcome.  Once a design is mutually agreed upon, the next step is the application of a topical anesthetic.  Permanent pigment is injected into the dermal layer by the artist who uses coloring and shading techniques to create realistic color and texture.  Aftercare instructions are provided to the client which basically involves keeping the area clean and bandaged usually for a week or so.

3D-areola nipple tattooing can leave breast cancer survivors with renewed feelings of femininity and completeness.  Clients can experience increased confidence allowing their inner beauty to shine and to lead fuller lives.  If you are interested in taking one of the final steps in your healing journey, please contact me.  I am here to help and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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