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In the case of breast reconstruction, resulting scar tissue can make pigment deposit difficult because of altered skin structure. The same can be true for breast augmentation with the skin becoming necrotic and scarred as seen in a client photo which shows missing areola pigment.


The client previously had areola tattooing done at other studios recommended by her plastic surgeon but she said they seemed to fade immediately. She didn’t know that what type of tattoo machines, the kind of inks or what methods were used at the other shops but following a consult with me, she decided to try again.

Upon returning for a touch up session, she explained that she had gone to a Korean sauna with a female friend and exclaimed ”I was naked in the Korean sauna with my girlfriends and enjoyed the party. I can’t believe it.”

I enjoyed the Korean sauna with my female friends! I was able to have confidence in a dignified manner. It seemed normal, I don’t care anymore. I was so happy!


The pigments used at Wahine Ink are permanent pigments used for traditional tattoos. They are high quality pigments with little discoloration.

Some people worry about the tattoo when having magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). While you do need to inform the technician of the tattoo’s presence, the MRI can still be done. Small numbers of individuals have reported experiencing a feeling of heat at the site and there are reports of site temperatures rising by 1 degree Centigrade.

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