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かおり ベリー




Kaori Berry's


かおり ベリーは、乳がんサバイバー、豊胸手術の傷跡、胸部手術患者のための 3D ニップル タトゥーを専門としています。男性も女性も大歓迎!

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About Kaori Berry

キレイ!を手に 入れませんか?

アロハ!ハワイに住む ”ニップルレディー”こと、かおりです。コメディカルとアートメイクのアーティストです。ハワイ滞在中にアートメイク施術をとお考えの方に安心して受けて頂けるように、オンライン(ZOOM)にてカウンセリングを行っております。











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  • 午前10時 – 午後6時
  • 日曜日ー月曜日:休業
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Kaori of Wahine Ink is one of the best. Being a cancer survivor and doing a double mastectomy although my breast cancer was only in my left breast. My cancer was found in 5 areas directly behind my nipple. I was told my nipple couldn’t be saved.

My Plastic Surgeon told me I could have nipples tattooed on my implants. I loved my implants but it wasn’t complete without any nipples. So, I had 2 places that my Plastic Surgeon recommended but I was drawn to Kaori at Wahine Ink. I met her for a consultation and she tattooed my nipples for me.

Kaori is great at her job. She is caring and does superb work. I last saw Kaori back in the later of 2019. The pandemic hit in 2020 and haven’t been off of Kauai since. I’m blessed to have met Kaori and so glad for what she has done. I’m blessed for a second chance at life but more importantly I truly am complete with what Kaori has done. I truly recommend her if you ever need services done. She is the best.

I think my nipples look way better now than my real ones. These tattooed nipples are truly amazing. My Boyfriend told me that Kaori did a great job too. Thank you Kaori for making me whole. You are great at what you do.


Breast Cancer Warrior

My experience with Kaori was better than I could have ever imagined! As a breast cancer survivor who has endured more surgeries then I care to remember, the last thing I wanted to do was endure more trauma! It took me 15 years and much research over the years to finally find someone I could trust to do my nipple tattoos. Kaori was amazing! She is patient, kind, compassionate and a true artist! My nipple tattoos are beautiful and artistically done and my husband gives them two thumbs up too : ) I would recommend Kaori to anyone who is looking to have realistic nipple tattoos done…she is truly amazing!


Breast Cancer Warrior

Kaori is friendly, patient, kind, and detail-oriented with her work. I came in for post double-mastectomy nipple tattooing. I told her my story going through difficult times with breast cancer and she was very empathetic and listened like a friend. She took time to make sure the size, color, placement of the nipple tattoos were exactly as I wanted. Because my breasts were a little uneven, we had to be careful about the placements so that they would look as balanced as possible when both lying down and standing up. I was actually able to fall asleep during the session! In the end, I was extremely happy with her work. She is a skilled artist – the nipples looked as real as they could get. Mahalo nui Kaori!

Olanani Acuoasis

Breast Cancer Warrior

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