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MY Journey

QBefore embarking on my journey as a permanent make-up artist, I had been taking art and drawing classes at a local college and art museum for a few years.  The classes were not only informative, instructive and enjoyable but opened my eyes to the impact and power of art.  Art can take many forms but primarily it enhances our surroundings and serves to uplift and fortify our emotions and mental state. 

As with all things I undertake, I strive to do my best with gusto.  Initially, I started with just doing eyebrows and eyeliners.  I was gratified to see my clients happy with the work I had done and was pleased to hear of their boost in self-confidence, especially from those who had suffered permanent hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Subsequently, I expanded into doing 3D-areola nipple tattooing and it is here, that I have found my passion, in part, because of my mother’s personal experience as a breast cancer survivor.  I see first-hand how transformational art can be, allowing my clients’ inner beauty to grow and blossom, leaving them more self-confident, body image positive, whole and able to move forward to fuller lives. Click here to read How 3D Post-Mastectomy Nipple Tattoos Help Breast Cancer Survivors | Allure

I feel I have found my true calling and am grateful to be a part of my clients’ healing journey.

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